The Redshift owes its speed and endurance to the custom battery pack which powers it all. The Alta Pack crams 5.8 kWh into 30.8 kilos with a maximum of 350V: mile for mile, there is no smaller, more energy dense battery pack in transportation. Our battery team gave themselves three years to develop and commercialize wholly new technologies to achieve the performance and safety we demanded of an off-road race bike. The Alta Pack is waterproof - rated up to IP67. It is durable enough to handle impacts and vibrations up to 20G, and it is digitally self-monitoring. Our stacked, honeycomb architecture allows for extreme energy density at 185 watt hours per kilogram. This paired with a unique thermal wicking system to shed heat faster than any other lithium-ion transportation battery in production, gives the Redshift the edge you want on the track.