We hate software. Software is great for keeping Volvos between the lines on a highway, but terrible for creating an engaging riding experience. Software has taken the crazy power slides, and with it the joy, out of MotoGP, and for that, we cannot forgive.However, witness Derek’s burnout-to-wheelie on a fresh set of shoes:

It is not for lack of throttle control (Derek raced flat-track BITD). There is simply no way to tame this wild stallion without a few lines of code - software is a necessary evil. Like diet, exercise and arsenic, we grudgingly accept that a little bit is good for us.

So here’s our philosophy: good software, like children, should never be seen or heard; if you can notice it, it’s bad software (bad, bad software... it gets the hose). Good software enhances the rider’s control of the bike; bad software controls the bike for the rider. The goal of our bike is to make as direct a connection from your wrist to the rear tire as possible - if your wrist does dumb s---, your rear tire should do dumb s--- too. [Lawyer’s note: we don’t mean that. Always ride safely and responsibly. Eat your veggies.]

Stay fast,

Caveat: racing is racing, and if traction control gains us a few tenths, we’ll use it. But we won’t like it. We’ll feel dirty, and not in a good way.