More of the ongoing retrospective series proving that we did not, in fact, spontaneously appear from nothing.


August 12, 2010

In this second update, I'll shut up and let the pictures tell the 1000 words. We've got some hazy, poorly-lit, low-resolution images of electric motorcycle parts. Why so low quality? Well, because frankly it's like catching our naked bike in the shower and you should all be ashamed for even looking, so consider the limitations of iPhone hardware our virtual shower curtain.

Naughty bits #1 (enough for three <redacteds>):

Naughty bits #2 (can't tell you what this is without signed permission form from your parents):

We don't want to leave anyone unsatisfied, so here's a carefully angled shot (it would slap you if it caught you looking) of what it will look like all dressed up for a romp in the mud:

As always, in this digital age, we don't want these posted or forwarded any more than you want those old pictures from your senior spring college formal bandied about. So guard them as you do your own carefully crafted image of maturity and decorum (which we all know to be false).