For the last year, I've been sending out monthly emails to Alta insiders to keep them up to date on our progress. I'm going to be reposting those here over the coming weeks. Enjoy...


July 20, 2010

Friends, family, curious onlookers, and lovers of all things fast,

This is my first official update to our fans (you didn't know you were a fan, but now you are). After 10-odd months of Jeff Sand, Derek Dorresteyn and Dave Drennan cranking away at designing and building an electric motorcycle that should be the fastest (and sexiest) motocross bike ever to hit the Lites-class (250cc equivalent, and yes it's really spelled "Lites"), it's time to set the boats adrift. Last Friday was my final day as a full-timer at frog design. My nights and weekends devoted to Alta are now bleeding into the days, and starting yesterday, Jeff and I are shoulder to shoulder in the design studio sending pure hotness on two wheels over to Derek and Dave in the machine shop. Derek and Dave are, in turn, doing their best to bring down the San Francisco power grid.

We're all excited (stoked, psyched, fired up) beyond belief and are looking forward to bringing all of you along with us as we birth our electric baby. It's going to be a hell of a ride.

- Marc, Jeff, Derek, and Dave

Post-script for the confused:
Eventually this will be a public blog and our website will be more than a vertigo-inducing static homepage, but we (Alta) are still very much in stealth mode. So our updates will be via email, with no spicy pictures for you to propagate across the internets, facebooks, or twitters. However, if you want to see (rather than read) the latest, just swing by the studio here on South Park in San Francisco. If you speak the magic words and offer gifts of caffeine, there's a good chance you'll get a sneak peak.