Our VP of Sales, Victor, is an Aerostich posterboy. A lifelong motorcyclist, a pioneer in mountaineering, mountain biking, and more recently electric two-wheelers, to name a few, the guy has lived several lives more full than most folks single shot at it, and continues to wear the rest of us down with his zeal. He commutes from Portland. To San Francisco. By motorcycle. The long way. Every chance he gets.

His last ride had him headed back home on an unusually perfect November weekend. Myself, I racked up about 200 miles ripping up HWY 1, across wine country and back to the coast, and I was pretty proud of myself. Victor logged somewhere between 50 and 70 thousand miles that day. Upon his arrival home, he shared this, and I have to share it with all of you.


My ride home was particularly beautiful. Somehow it did not rain. Winter on the Redwood Coast is amazing. The mists are like Japanese prints, the ocean gray and and roiling. The more agitated motion of the Winter seas bring up the strong scent of sea weed and salt. The change from the calm blue of summer to the gray of winter is startling, The mist cause the tops of the Giant Redwoods to disappear and they seem to be even bigger and taller. Oregon is about half evergreen and half deciduous. There is a short window of time between Fall and Winter, before the deciduous tree leaves fall, when they erupt in a riot of yellows, golds and reds. It doesn't last long. Usually the rain is insistent and constant, and pulls the colorful leaves off the branches quickly. Occasionally there is a break in the rain, and on even rarer days there is brilliant sunshine to illuminate the colors and cause the countryside to gleam in a way that takes the breath away. Anyway, that is what happened on my ride home.

That is one of the reasons that I ride. It is not the same in a car, or airplane.

As the weather gets worse I will have to rely on more conventional transport. But then I'll begin to look forward to riding again in the spring.

Our team loves motorcycles and I love our team. Ride safe, my friends, every chance you get.

Stay fast,