Origins of the RedShift species.
For context, up until this email a year and a half ago no one, not even insiders, had any idea what the hell we were building in there. For all they knew from the noise, we were trying to extract enemy intelligence from Wall-E.


October 7, 2010

Subject: ”Private Showing”

You've been patiently tolerating my obtuse and esoteric emails, and we at Alta appreciate that immensely. It's been our firm policy from the start that we not make any public claims about what we're creating until we know them to be true... Here in Silicon Valley, we've watched too many startups (not to mention big, established companies) over-promise and under-deliver. That said, we want to clue you in on what we're really up to and why we think it's something special. So keeping that in mind, and silently promising to keep this to yourselves, this is what Alta Motors is about.


We love motorcycles. The best ones make you tingle when you look at them, giggle when you ride them, and scare you just a little bit (i.e. score a 90 or above on the Tingle-Giggle-Scream Index). We love going fast. And we love finding new ways and new places to go fast. Our goal from the beginning was to create motos that are faster and easier to ride fast than anything else out there. We think we can do that with electric drivetrains. It's not about "good enough for an electric;" we are building what we expect to be the first electric vehicle that can beat a gas-powered vehicle in an existing mainstream race format - motocross. Because that's what we, ourselves, would want to ride. Because we want the next bike we purchase, gas or electric, to be faster than the last bike we owned. Then we plan to take the take the face-ripping performance of that race bike directly to recreational dirt riders and urban commuters (hooligans?) who can suddenly benefit the power:weight of a race bike while never stalling, never having to feather a clutch, never skipping a ride because they haven't changed the oil, and being able to slip out for backyard laps and midnight runs without getting the cops called for noise complaints.

So here it is, no more teasers, the Alta RedShift*
obviously, this is an outdated rendered circa 2010. Sweet hangar though, right?

This bike has been designed to take on the best 250cc four-stroke race bikes at a professional level... to be up to national supercross and motocross standards. It uses everything the big guys have learned about handling, suspension,and rider position over the last 40 years of racing, then drops in a drivetrain and chassis built from scratch to reset the bar on the Tingle-Giggle-Scream Index. To achieve this, we had to create our own powerplant that is half the size and twice the power of what is being used in other electrics, shoehorn in a battery about a third larger than the biggest electric dirt bikes, and engineer a chassis that integrates it all into a package that properly centers the mass, maintains the rider position, and is actually slimmer than a gas bike. We also think it's damn sexy.

We hope that gets your juices flowing, and we hope that keeps you hanging in there while we continue to build thing.

Until next time, stay fast,