Amazing how far this company has come in the 18 or so months since we first shared pictures of the soon-to-be-beating heart of our demonic offspring.


November 11, 2010

Subject: ”Prototype Gestation”


This fast little bun is in the oven... aluminum, copper, rare-earth elements, and steel are being cut, molded, cast, wound, and gently messaged in the wombs of top-secret, underground fabrication facilities by an ancient cabal of go-fast monks as I write. Now we just let the wonders of nature take their course, and our bouncing demonic bundle of joy will emerge wheelie-ing and screaming. Like any pregnancy, this is where it gets awkward, ungainly and painful, but also beautiful in that miracle-of-creation-and-mood-swings way. Jeff has had wicked morning sickness and Derek is developing a taste for pickles and chocolate.


First sonogram:

(editor's note: a fun game is to play Mad Libs with the redacted portions. E.g. "Jupiter" "pudding")

Like any proud parents-to-be, we've been practicing in advance. We built a full scale model of the bike to get the ergonomics and design juuuust right. With cross testing between team tall (Derek and Dave) and team not-so-tall (Marc and Jeff), we've now got a design that isn't just so hot that feral cats instinctively yowl when they see it, but that lets the rider smoothly drop back properly for a nasty rocky descent then slam forward to weight the front wheel in a handlebar-to-the-ground corner.

I still can't share the coolest stuff, since we haven't filed a meaty chunk of the patents yet. There's a whole lot more to this bike than just being really really ridiculously good-looking and electric. I have to treat it as trade secret, which means the only way I can tell you about the awesomeness is if you come to the studio, sign an NDA, and swear on an ancient cursed talisman to not tell a soul what you've seen or heard. It's like Mission Impossible 3 up in this rig. But in due time, I'm looking forward to sharing all of the little details that add up to this being one really special ride.

Until next time, stay fast,
- Marc