We are excited to announce our latest addition to the team, the legendary Bay Area flat track tuner, developer, and builder, Dale Lineaweaver. For the uninitiated, Dale’s accomplishments span over 38 years of professional motorcycle racing, tuning and building insane racers like thisthisthisthis, and a whole lot more. He also participated in OEM development programs for Husaberg, Suzuki, and BMW in ISDE Enduro, flat track, and drag racing. That includes a Formula USA Grand National championship for a Husaberg team Lineaweaver ran, and on a race bike he personally developed and built. When it comes to developing fast motorcycles for the track, just about any track, this guy is serious horsepower.

Oh, and once upon a time in the Eighties, Dale even sponsored a very fast, cocky punk of a teenaged speedway racer named Derek Dorresteyn.

In other news, our man abroad sends word that Alta’s vendor for manufacturing the RedShift swingarm is now in the final inspection stages for production and delivery to San Francisco.