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We love motorcycles. The best ones make you tingle when you look at them, giggle when you ride them, and even scare you just a little bit. We love going fast. And we love finding new ways and new places to go fast. Our goal is to create motorcycles that are easier to ride fast than anything else out there. We build electric bikes because we love instant throttle response and flat, endless torque. Because we want the next bike we purchase to be faster than our last one. The first sketches of the Redshift began in San Francisco in 2007. Two riding buddies, Derek Dorresteyn and Jeff Sand, with a few decades of fabrication, engineering and design expertise between the both of them, fell in love with the idea of the smooth, perfectly responsive torque curve. Naturally, they started kicking around the possibilities for building their own electric motorcycle— a motorcycle that could be faster and more rideable than their gas bikes.




Marc has worked in venture capital, strategy consulting at BCG, and at frog Design Inc. His products include HP's SkyRoom software, Carmanah Technologies' 1700 Series Solar Lighting systems, and a few more all currently bound by NDAs. With a Fine Art and Engineering degree from Dartmouth College—and another pair of degrees later—Marc found his stride mashing engineering, art, and business into products and business models and has brought this talent to Alta Motors as CPO.



Derek is a product development and manufacturing veteran, having designed and produced products for Dolby, Logitech, and other consumer electronics companies. He leads the engineering teams at Alta Motors in addition to factory racing efforts. Derek is the original architect of Alta Motor’s revolutionary drivetrain technology.



Jeff is an internationally recognized industrial designer, and founder of multiple companies including Switch Snowboards and Sutro Eyewear. Jeff’s radar for the current and fresh is impeccable, and he can articulate a product as an experience in a way that is profound and artistic.  He is the architect of Alta Motor’s chassis system.




We have assembled a team of engineers, designers and riders from across industries to build the next generation of electric vehicles. With a love of motorsports at our core, we take on challenging problems and create new solutions that push the automotive field forward. As a result, we created some of the most advanced technology available today. To continue innovating, we actively recruit talented individuals who want to make something new and exciting everyday.