On Saturday October 22, in a historic evening for both Alta Motors and the sport of motocross, Josh Hill raced the Redshift MX at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Competing in the 250cc lites class against some of the top racers in the country, Hill made a spectacular showing, impressing riders and spectators alike. Not only did Hill blast through practice sessions and qualifying rounds earlier in the day, but he also battled with Kyle Cunningham for a 2-1 victory, which launched him into the quarter finals. Finishing the night in 4th place, this was one of the most publicized events Alta has done to date, with Red Bull and NBC's coverage estimated to reach over 5M people. Hill and the Redshift MX have successfully demonstrated the power and competitiveness of our technology on a national stage.

The Alta Pack

In case you didn’t know by this point, the Red Bull Straight Rhythm is a head to head drag race filled with supercross features over a half mile straight line of a track. Riders have to put together the perfect line and time their throttle hand to match the course's obstacles. “Taking on the best riders and gas bikes in the industry - with decades of engineering and testing behind them - is maybe a little bit insane, but we know we’re on to something special.” said Marc Fenigstein, CEO of Alta Motors. “It took our whole team and a heroic effort to make this possible, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.”


As we have been ramping up production of the Redshift MX, we have also been doubling down on building our race team. “This is what its all about” explained CTO, Derek Dorresteyn. “We made this company because we wanted to build a motorcycle that would be a real weapon in competition. Josh proved what the bike was capable of, and this is only the beginning.” Hill displayed his enthusiasm for the bike and the company in numerous interviews between sessions. It certainly won't be long before we see him throwing a leg over the bike again and showing what the Redshift can do.