Mechanical Engineer needed with product design focus. We are looking for those deeply passionate about making the strongest fastest lightest and most beautiful machinery on the planet. You will need to demonstrate knowledge of the processes of manufacturing, and the skills in the tools of design and engineering. You will assist our world-class engineering and design team in meeting or exceeding targets for cost, delivery, performance, and aesthetics. You have deep experience in the successful production of physical products in applications highly optimized for strength cost, and above all performance. You will report to Jeff Sand, CDO, who is by all accounts awesome to work with and for.


  • Bachelor or Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from a top program.
  • 5+ years in structural design and engineering. Special consideration to aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, bicycle experience.
  • Mastery of CAD and FEA platforms. Hands on machine shop and fabrication experience a plus.
  • Demonstrable understanding of materials and complex mechanical components.
  • Demonstrable capability in fast-paced, team oriented environments.

Added Bonuses
We love what we do and are hiring the best, but we're a small operation here - everyone needs to be humble enough to help their teammates, to take on jobs that weren't in the description, to work oddball hours when things need to get done, and to take enormous pride in everything they do whether or not it will win them awards. If that sounds like you, show us what you've done and tell us what you can add to Alta.