senior technician


As the Senior Technician working with Principal Tech, Dale Lineaweaver, you will become an in-house expert on vehicle maintenance and repair both internally (test fleet) and externally (customer bikes at dealers). Responsible for keeping the entire Alta test fleet ready for the field. You will help build, repair and maintain each test/development motorcycle as we validate design. Additionally, the Senior Technician will develop a unique insight into the inner-workings of the machine and work closely with dealers, engineers, and designers to ensure that we build and create the best possible products.


  • Manage, maintain, prep, and document test fleet (6 vehicles currently)
  • Maintain and consult on the content of the service manual
  • Coordinate and release technical service bulletins
  • Supervise junior tech or intern assigned to vehicle test
  • Conduct and coordinate full vehicle testing, including dyno testing, temperature cycling, mileage accumulation, etc.
  • Oversee and support track and field testing (MX, off-road, supermoto, DT, street)
  • Participate in design reviews and evaluation of parts, components, and processes
  • Participate in the creation of dealer service training material
  • Coordinate and train dealer service technicians
  • Remotely work with dealer techs on troublesome issues


An ideal candidate will have a 5+ year experience as a professional motorcycle mechanic, can work under deadlines and in a fast pace environment. Race experience is a plus and candidate should provide their own tools.