The Concept


The Redshift is a high-performance motorcycle built in America by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. The Redshift is the first production, electric motorcyle capable of racing head to head with its gas competitors. Alta took over 6 years to design a best-in-class motorcycle. With its exceptional handling, power delivery, and ease of operation the Redshift will help novice and pros alike improve their riding ability and decrease their lap times. The Redshift is the Future of Fast.


Alta’s founders never set out to make an electric motorcycle. Our goal was always to make a better motorcycle, one that allowed the machine to disappear, enabling riders - of all skill levels - to concentrate on being a better rider. After considering every angle of available technology, we realized that an electric motor would perform best as it gives the rider total control with linear and immediate power delivery. Having decided on an electric power source, the team then designed the rest of the components around the battery. Today we give you, the Redshift. Learn more about our revolutionary battery, powertrain, and chassis here.


People often wonder if the Redshift is made for pros or beginners, and the answer is, both. The Redshift’s electric drivetrain enables riders to control throttle response and engine braking through preloaded software options which can be adjusted on the fly via the map switch. Not needing to shift allows riders to focus completely on improving their technique and enjoying the ride. Whether it is your first time or your thousandth time on a motorcycle, the Redshift will fit your personal riding style and allow you to ride better.


We love our gas bikes. We're not here to get rid of them, we're simply offering an alternative. Batteries and electric vehicle technology have progressed at incredible rates in recent years, but some people still don’t believe an electric motorcycle can match the performance of a gas bike. If you’re one of those people, we encourage you to find the dealer nearest you and take one of our bikes for a demo ride. You’ll be amazed.