The Concept


Alta’s founders never set out to make an electric motorcycle. Our goal was always to make a bike that would make riders - of all skill levels - better. After considering every angle of available technology, we realized that an electric motor would perform best as it gives the rider total control with linear and immediate power delivery. Having decided on an electric power source, the team then designed the rest of the components around the battery.


People often wonder if the Redshift is made for pros or beginners, and the answer is, both. The Redshift’s electric drivetrain enables riders to control throttle response and engine braking through preloaded software options which can be altered through the controls incorporated into the handlebars. Not needing to shift allows riders to focus completely on picking their lines and improving their technique. Whether it is your first time or your thousandth time on a motorcycle, the Redshift will fit your personal riding style and allow you to ride better.


Batteries and electric vehicle technology has progressed at incredible rates in recent years, but some people still don’t believe an electric motorcycle can match that of a gas bike. If you’re one of those people, we encourage you to find the dealer nearest you and take one of our bikes for a demo ride. You’ll be amazed.


The Redshift platform was originally designed to compete with the 250 class of motocross bikes, and through the evolution of the design, we've come to realize that the Redshift does a lot of things very well. The Redshift MX makes for an incredible bike on the trail, tackling hillclimbs, racing flat track and competing in EnduroCross. The Redshift SM is as equally capable racing on tight tracks as it is getting across the city in a rush hour commute. Because of this, drawing a parallel to an equivalent gas bike isn't the easiest thing to do. While we consider the Redshift an electric 250 equivalent, it will out accelerate a KTM 690 Enduro. Ultimately, the Redshift MX & SM will be sanctioned by the AMA for competition in the 250 class, but our best advice is to visit a local dealer and demo a Redshift for yourself.